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Friday, February 18, 2011

Goal #1....Check!

I have some really awesome news.... I am being published in the July 2011 Cards magazine! This was my first goal of the year and it's only February, yay! I just couldn't wait to share the news. So as you all probably know I can't post the card here yet but I do have another card to share instead today. Thanks to all you folks who gave me words of encouragement and to my good friend Janet my biggest fan.... I know  it's sort of sappy like I am accepting an award, giving my speech or something..(LOL!) That is sorta how it feels though, it is so much fun. Now if I could just have the same luck with some of my other goals.

This is not the card that is being published but I thought I would share it anyway:
Hope you enjoy, and Thanks again!

Monday, February 14, 2011

The Movies...

This Weekend I have to admit that I was "roped" into taking my 11 year old daughter to see the new Justin Bieber movie Never Say Never. LOL. I also have to admit I really secretly wanted to go. His songs always make me happy! They have good messages and remind me of a time when I was smitten for the next teenage heart throb. (NKOTB???)
While watching the movie I was amazed and dazzled by the by this kid with a whole lot of talent and charisma. A wonderful mother standing by him providing support and encouragement. I clearly saw the reason for all the uproar. he gave so many people HOPE. He shows that if you work hard and believe your dreams they really can become a reality.
Leaving the theatre with my daughter had me thinking about all of the things in my life I  haven't accomplished. All because I don't think I ever truly believed I was worth it. I know it sounds corny and ridiculous but that is when I realized Never Say Never can inspire you to push a little harder at achieving your goals. So on we go with life. This movie had made a impact on how I will continue though.
I think as a parent this movie shows that supporting and encouraging your kids to always do their best is essential and I will make sure both of my girls know just what that means and be there every step of the way. So no matter what age; young or old this movie leaves you feeling encouraged to do your best and live life to it fullest. A great movie to take your kids to.

Saturday, February 12, 2011

Friday, February 11, 2011

Papertrey Ink

All weeks over on Nichole Heady's blog she has been celebrating Papertrey Inks anniversary and giving away some amazing prizes. I haven't had the chance to really play along yet because my youngest little one has been sick. I did however get a little bit of time today to upload some pics of cards and tags I made and it happens to fit with the contest. Yay!! I really enjoy using PTI products and if you have never used them before you will not be disappointed. I also received some fantastic news on Wednesday but I am not quite ready to share just yet. it has to do with one of my goals for the year...wink, wink!

As promised:

Monday, February 7, 2011

There is always something...

The weekend rolls around, birthday parties, the office breakroom, the holidays, sick days, etc. There is always something....some reason eating healthy is difficult, a little bit harder than it really needs to be. Now that I have started Weight Watchers again & I am eating healthier. I am not going to let those things get in my way anymore. I am determined. 
Part of getting to my weight loss goal is to stop making excuses for why I need that extra slice of pizza, scoop of ice cream, candy, cookies...the list could go on & on & on. 
I have come up with a few things I plan on doing to accomplish this goal so I will share a few here on the old blog to keep me accountable.
They are:

Plan meals a week ahead of time
Eat a healthy snack before I go out
Just say No!
Buy more produce
Surround myself with healthy snacks at home, in the car, & at work
Drink more water when I get the urge to eat

Here they are in no particular order: 

Stop procrastinating
Be more patient
Stop being negative
Watch less T.V
Get outside more
Think positive- goes with #3
Eat healthy 
Live in the present
Let it go...
Lean on God more- Trust him!

Thanks for letting me babble a bit. If you think of any other ways to plan ahead, please let me know. I would love to hear your ideas.

 I (we) CAN do this! 

While I was brainstorming ways to plan ahead I also thought of some other things that I would like to accomplish and improve on this year

Saturday, February 5, 2011

Papertrey Ink

Did I mention how much I LOVE Everyday Button Bits?? It is the best set I have ever purchased and use it constantly. It has so many images that make it easy to create. I also used Distressed Stripes for the background and that was a lot of fun! I think the night I made this I stayed up late just playing around with all the different color combos and patterns you can make with this set. To enter the contest on Nichole Heady's blog today she asked us to post our favorite project using papertrey ink products. This is a card I made a few months ago and I think it is my favorite. The picture isn't very good but I have already given the card away so I couldn't retake it.
Have a great night! Sorry I have been missing for a few days, I haven't been feeling well but I will have another post tomorrow for you.