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Monday, May 16, 2011

Happy Late Mother's Day!

This is my second post today. I thought I would also share the cards I made for my mother in law and my mom. I know it is a little late but...better late than never. I still haven't seen my mom since mother's day because she was out of town but I am mailing it to her tomorrow. Hope you enjoy.

This one is my moms:

She loves pink!

This one is my mother in laws:

She Loves Red!

I love them both, they are amazing, strong, talented women.


  1. Angela, both cards are lovely! I like all the pink on your mom's, especially the butterflies and I really like the shape of the 2nd card and the little flowers.

  2. Angela.......These are both just beautiful. I love the pink and the butterflies, but the 2nd one is just beautiful with the rolled roses.

  3. Both beautiful cards. I really like the colors and flowers on the second one.

  4. Both of these are gorgeous!! Love the circle card with the red flowers and the beautiful pinks on the first card!

  5. Beautiful cards Angela! I love the colors you used and the second one is so cool! I love the scallops with the flowers!

  6. Your cards are beautiful! I love pink too so that one really caught my eye. You did a wonderful job!