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Monday, February 14, 2011

The Movies...

This Weekend I have to admit that I was "roped" into taking my 11 year old daughter to see the new Justin Bieber movie Never Say Never. LOL. I also have to admit I really secretly wanted to go. His songs always make me happy! They have good messages and remind me of a time when I was smitten for the next teenage heart throb. (NKOTB???)
While watching the movie I was amazed and dazzled by the by this kid with a whole lot of talent and charisma. A wonderful mother standing by him providing support and encouragement. I clearly saw the reason for all the uproar. he gave so many people HOPE. He shows that if you work hard and believe your dreams they really can become a reality.
Leaving the theatre with my daughter had me thinking about all of the things in my life I  haven't accomplished. All because I don't think I ever truly believed I was worth it. I know it sounds corny and ridiculous but that is when I realized Never Say Never can inspire you to push a little harder at achieving your goals. So on we go with life. This movie had made a impact on how I will continue though.
I think as a parent this movie shows that supporting and encouraging your kids to always do their best is essential and I will make sure both of my girls know just what that means and be there every step of the way. So no matter what age; young or old this movie leaves you feeling encouraged to do your best and live life to it fullest. A great movie to take your kids to.

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