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Friday, January 28, 2011

One Year...

Since this is my personal blog. I am taking the opportunity today to write about something that is as personal as personal gets.
A year ago this week I lost a very special person in my life. He was the very BEST! My Grandpa. Come to find out he had cancer that we were unaware of or maybe it was just his time.
So in a way to remember him today I am going to post some memories of him, maybe a few pictures, & the letter my Grandma asked me to write for the service. 
This post is mostly for me as a way to express how I feel and remind me of how lucky I was to have him in my life. I only wish I would have had more time with him. I think I took for granted that he would always be there. There have been so many days where I thought about him and wished I could just pick up the phone again and hear his voice. He had a smile that was contagious...
He was always there for me when I needed. When I was a teenager I remember him driving me from Portland to work in Vancouver everyday so I wouldn't have to ride the bus on the way he would listen to Paul Harvey and we would talk about all kinds of things. I will always be thankful for my time with him then. 

I am the oldest cousin in my family and he made a promise to me that when I turned 10 years old he would take me and my sister Amy and 2 of my cousins Cym and Nickole (that was all there was at that point) to Disneyland. I waited patiently and when I turned 10 he made good on that promise we all packed up in the car and headed for Disneyland. A child's dream at that point in life, and we were on our way. We had a blast and I loved every minute. What a fun thing to get to share with your grandparents. They were a lot of fun and my Grandpa went on just as many rides as we did. On the way home as everyone was sleeping in the car. I chatted my Grandpa's ears off and when we got home he teased about how I kept him awake so he wouldn't fall asleep driving.

He was always joking with us. He would always play that game "Gimme 5, up high, down low...too slow Joe" and when were around he loved to play games with us like anticipation, and rook. 

I have wonderful memories of him...

I was fortunate enough to have him marry my husband and I. My husband and I have been together for a while but have only been married for 2 & 1/2 years. One Christmas Eve a year before we were at my uncle's house and my Grandpa pulled me aside. Now my Grandpa was not the type to talk to hear himself talk and only really said things when they weighed heavy on his mind. He told me that he had been praying for me like he did all his grandchildren and that he felt like God was telling him if I didn't get married soon it would be too late. Now I took that to mean that the world was going to end and I was going to be left behind because I at the time was living in sin by living with my husband before we were married. I cried all the way home that night, thinking about what he had said. Well we ended up getting married and then he got sick. It made me wonder if maybe he knew all along that something was wrong and he wanted to be there for me on my special day. Either way I am ready for what may come!
I have lots of wonderful memories of him...

I know this post is getting long but I have one more thing to share. The letter I wrote at the request of my Grandma for his service. She asked that we all would come up with something and it was difficult to listen to but the service was a celebration of his life and the example his set for us by living for Christ. I have never known anyone as Godly as him and I know in my heart where he is...

Here is the letter in the email form that I sent to my Grandma:

Hi Angela,   This is very good and no it is not too long.  I would say it is perfect in every way....Thank You for loving Grandpa it means a whole lot to me to know others loved him very much.  He was all that you said he was and more.
I Love You Angela more than words can say...
Sent: Thursday, February 04, 2010 10:06 AM
Subject: What you requested...

This way by far the hardest thing I have ever had to write. Let me know if it is too long. I am not sure that I could read this at the service. I love you and I can't wait to see you. Let me know what you think ok?
My Grandfather
It is difficult to know how to best describe the man that my Grandfather was. Because he was like no other man I’ve ever encountered.
He was a man who spent every moment in the service of others. He was a pastor, counselor, and friend. He was a husband who loved his wife and provided for her until the day he passed away. He was a father to three who he loved unconditionally. He was a Grandfather. My Grandfather. A man who taught us so many wonderful things. His light sense of humor always made me laugh like when I called and said, “Is Grandma there?” he would always say “No, she’s here.” And gave us funny names like Amos and Andy.
He loved people. He didn’t pass judgment on anyone no matter what they did or said. He took care of people. Even after he’d retired from the ministry he would drive miles and miles to some church in the middle of no where to preach if the pastor was not able to make it. For years he would go to the hospital and visit people who were unable to attend service themselves.
He delivered my wedding vows, a day I will always cherish. When he laid his hands on us to pray at the end of the ceremony I could feel his love for us and the way God’s love came through him, was evident.
He died peacefully knowing he was going to heaven. I often fell short of what he knew I could be, but he always loved me. I know he is no longer suffering. He is still with me. He always will be. I have wonderful memories that I will hold on to and share with my grandchildren. I will never forget the impact he had on my life and the lives of others.
He was the best and I couldn't have asked for more.




Well it is out and it feels good to share. I hope that I can encourage you to grab a hold of the ones you love and enjoy every minute. Thanks for listening.


  1. Oh Angela! I'm sitting here with tears and chills. And to be honest, alittle envy. How lucky that you have all these wonderful memories and he was such a huge part of your life. Thanks for sharing. xoxox

  2. He was one of the best men I knew. He was a wonderful Grandfather to you and all your cousins. He welcomed all into his home (even when we looked like gangsters. LOL) He was a jokester for sure. He would always say to me " hi Jessi where's James." Your words are touching Ang. He is everything you said he was, that's for sure.

  3. Such a sweet and touching post. Your love for him brings tears to my eyes. He was such a sweet and gentle man. I wish I could have known him more. I know he has left a special place in the heart of this family. Hugs!